History and Brief Description of Firm

Lippe & Associates presently has one full-time attorney, and regularly utilizes additional attorneys on an "of counsel" basis. The firm's primary offices are located at 2911 Turtle Creek BLVD. Ste. 1250 Dallas, TX 75219-6212, with an East Texas office location at 1857 Stonecrest Blvd. #1104, Tyler, Texas 75703, Telephone: (214) 855-1850, Facsimile: (214) 720-6074 The firm's Internet address is https://texaslaw.com/.

Park Place at Turtle Creek
2911 Turtle Creek Blvd.
Suite 1250
Dallas, TX 75219-6212

Telephone: (214) 855-1850,
Facsimile: (214) 720-6074

Mr. Lippe has been practicing for nearly fifty (50) years in the Dallas area since immediately after obtaining his J.D. Degree, Cum Laude, from Northwestern University School of Law in 1973. Mr. Lippe has practiced with two major law firms in Dallas, starting with Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal, from 1973-76, and Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, from 1976-83. He was a partner in the litigation section at Akin, Gump, when he left in 1983 to form a smaller law firm, concentrating primarily upon a high quality business and commercial practice, with heavy emphasis upon litigation. Throughout his practice, Mr. Lippe has primarily been involved in a wide range of commercial, corporate, consumer, insurance, and banking litigation, in courts at all levels, involving insurance and bad faith issues, professional liability (primarily defense), securities, general contract issues, unfair competition, antitrust, bankruptcy, oil and gas, banking, lender liability, insurance, real estate, and construction issues, as well as general business litigation. In addition, he has represented clients before administrative agencies, and in arbitration and mediation proceedings. He is Board Certified both as a Specialist in Civil Trial Law (1989) and as a Specialist in Civil Appellate Law (1990) by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has additionally handled corporate and civil matters, and general real estate development matters. Mr. Lippe has had a very substantial experience in intellectual property litigation issues, and has served on the board of directors of a startup internet software company. Mr. Lippe has been actively involved in numerous bar activities, for which he has received various honors, and has been an active and concerned church and community volunteer throughout his professional life.

Throughout the firm's history, its mission has been to provide prompt, highly competent, and cost-efficient professional legal services to a wide variety of business and professional clients, at the same level of quality as the large "blue-chip" law firms, but at a lower cost and with greater client attentiveness. The firm was a "litigation boutique" law firm long before the phrase was coined, and has an eighteen year history of fulfilling clients' needs through this specialized format.

The firm's practice has consistently involved head-to-head dealing with many major law firms throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the State of Texas, and the United States, and has repeatedly involved extremely complex and difficult matters. The firm is often retained to handle matters in which other competent counsel have encountered difficulties, where deadlines are often short and emergencies a matter of course. The extent of the firm's commitment to a national practice is illustrated by the fact that Mr. Lippe is admitted to practice in The District of Columbia, The United States Supreme Court, The Fifth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeal, The State of Colorado, and The Western District of Oklahoma, as well as all state and federal courts in the State of Texas.

Of course, the major areas of the firm's legal practice have changed from time to time with the ebb and flow of various prevailing issues in the legal and business community, and the prevailing financial climate. For example, currently the firm is involved in providing guidance and counseling in compliance with CMS and Medicare regulations, and is pioneering representation in cryotheraphy issues. The firm has had a substantial number of disputes with mortgage companies/servicing agents concerning violations of State and Federal Law regulating mortgage loans and predatory billing practices, and disputes regarding black mold and other mold contamination and the resulting claims involving property damage.  However, the wide variety of the firm's practice is illustrated by the published decisions of cases in which the firm has been involved.

The firm is in the forefront of legal representation for manufacturers and operators of cryo saunas and other devices utilizing cryogenic techniques for health and rejuvenation, including professional sports teams. The firm's involvement in the newly developing area of advice, consultation, and litigation in areas relating to cryotheraphy is explained in greater detail at www.cryolegal.com

The firm is actively involved in civil rights litigation with emphasis upon failure to provide proper medical care for inmates in jails, often operated by private companies that have contracted with local governments to provide jail services to fulfill the local government's responsibilities. These cases often involve horrific examples of needless suffering caused by deliberate indifference exhibited toward the Constitutionally protected right to adequate health care.

Currently, the firm is developing its CMS Compliance Counsel department, to provide specialized advice, consultation, and, if necessary, litigation, concerning dealings with Medicare/Medicaid administered by CMS.  This is a highgly specialized area of law which the firm has invested substantial time in developing necessary forms, documents, procedures, and guidelines, based upon extensive research. More information may be found at the website located at www.cmscompliancecounsel.com.  

The firm has continually expanded its geographic footprint by entering into "Of Counsel" relationships with law firms. Presently, LIppe & Associates serves as "Of Counsel" to the law firm of Whitcomb Selinsky, www.whitcomblawpc.com, with primary offices in Denver, Colorado, and The Middleberg Riddle Group, www.midrid.com, with primary offices in New Orleans, Louisiana. The firm is opening up a visiting office in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to accommodate clients involved in real estate acquisition, formation of business entities, and real estate development.

To facilitate the firm's ability to provide business and commercial representation of the highest quality, the firm is constantly improving its technological capabilities to enhance efficient delivery of legal services. The firm believes that the practice of law must be capable of dealing with the ever-changing problems created by new technology, and in using new methods to enhance efficiency of service.

The firm recognizes the significance of computer-related developments as the major shaping force in the future practice of business and commercial law. Therefore, the firm is involved in conducting computer-related discovery, and in attempting to recover evidence which parties have unlawfully attempted to delete.

The firm's billing practices have always exhibited flexibility to meet the varying needs of clients, and have included a wide range of variations to traditional approaches. Presently, the firm is positioning itself to confront what is expected to be the next major developing area of business and commercial litigation: business disputes involving computer-related issues, trade-secret/unfair competition, and intellectual property. The firm is pioneering the use of forensic investigation of altered computer evidence.