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Computer Discovery Forms

The firm has available for free downloading and use certain discovery forms for use in obtaining discovery information on computers and hard drives. These forms are made available free of charge, but with no warranty or representation. They are obviously general in form, and will need to be tailored specifically to fit the needs of the case in which you may wish to use them.  These forms are for use by lawyers only, and are not to be used by laypersons seeking to represent themselves without legal counsel.

The forms include both state (Texas) and federal forms. Each corresponding form will have two different file extensions for the form and the data file, which must be merged to create the final product.  These are included in both WordPerfect and Word formats.

Click below to view the forms:

The files include the following:
Request for Production (Federal form)
Request for Production (Texas state form)
Motion for Protective Order, to Preserve Documents
Protective Order with provisions for examination of computer hard drive by third parties retained by each party.
Please note that, in furnishing these forms, the firm is not encouraging non-lawyers to utilize them, and does not intend to furnish legal advice, since this can only be done in specific consultation with clients. Instead, these forms are intended for use by attorneys only, and as a public service.

The firm is very familiar with the types of issues involved in such discovery-related matters, and is available to assist you or your client on any such matters, particularly in obtaining computer-related discovery information, such as retrieving erased or altered data from computer hard drives.

Rev.: 5 July 2008